Settling in KL

First week in Malaysia almost over and finally decided for an apartment yesterday night after one week of looking around. Fortunately my company provided an agent who was able to help with some offerings; unfortunately period of 6 months limits possible offers to a minimum since normal duration here is 12 months.

Nonetheless I saw some good, well-maintained apartments directly in KLCC (ie MyHabitat) as well as some old-school Expat residences (not my style, off the list immediately). In the end I decided for something in between: CapSquare Residences around Dang Wangi, in front of Capsquare Mall, facing the KL Tower and the Klang river at its foot.

Best part is it has a direct view from living room to the illuminated Petronas Towers and - killer criteria - a Starbucks next to entrance hall. In the end I am still a tourist ;-).