Sailing Mergui Archipelago

After reading a short article in German weekly magazine I cannot resist - especially considering I am not even 4h flight away from the destination.


Mount Kailash & Bhutan

Next challenge due to falling in love with this incredible view from the mountains down to earth: Trekking Mount Kailash combined with flying out from Bhutan Airport (check last 3min below).


Kiev and Moscow but only with somebody specific next to me acting as interpreter – otherwise I’ll get lost…and because its on my way: Prague (haven’t been there for quite a while).

Other stuff to remember…

Kilimanjaro was actually not my list but I made it anyway :-)

Flight license

...those were the days :-)


I need to learn skiing when looking at photos of Günter in Facebook. No way out.


...and if with someone particular in mind, this can only be combined with Borneo & Costa Rica although this does not make sense at all ;-))...and now added Madagascar. Interesting route by now :-)