*Hmm* Something went wrong

I am on a training this week about ITILv3 stuff, spending my time again in a boring hotel all evening (BTW: Real old-fashioned Holiday Inn in Neuss. Think they had their best days back in the 70ties). So, I thought I'll use the time to clean up my webserver and play around a little. Unfortunately I know now that I should have spent more time studying what I learned throughout the day: Service Transition... ...and its Change Management process. Indeed I cleaned up some database instances from which I thought they are not being used at all - bad mistake ;-(. Without qualifiying it, I simply deleted all instances and with that all my former posts, history, comments, etc have gone to Nirvana. I had to start from scratch. Why? Because I did (of course ;-)) not do any backup before, I did not qualify it upfront and so on and so on *damn*. Believe me, this is the last time this is happening to me (hopefully). So, in the end, that's why see that you do not see anything at all.