Nothing more to say. See for yourself, that's why I like living in Schleswig-Holstein...


Finally made it: Although my holiday started officially last Wednesday, we were still facing some open topics which needed to be solved. As always. But does not matter anymore, critical stuff is done - way to go, yeah! So, time to organize some presents...which is most likely even more stress on last days compared to any working issue I had in past 3 months :-)

Wednesday at Kieler Woche

Here we go again: Kieler Woche 2010 goes on :-). We were out on Wednesday night with the famous "Cocktail Jungs". Actually our former taskforce team which was formed when migrating Exchange servers back in 2002. We still try to catch up with each other once in a quarter...this time at Kieler Woche :-). [nggallery id=40]

And since it is again World Cup like back in 2002, Gerd and I were talking about Marcus who seems to be either into Brasil and/or USA if I listen carefully to his facebook stream :). Anyway, for more  impressions follow the link...

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secom BBQ

It seems like I am back from the woods and suddenly summer is all around :-). Friday we had our BBQ by secom consulting as a kickoff to Kieler Woche. Here are some impressions: [nggallery id=36]

Ok, and here are some more impressions which should not be posted on front page ;-):

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