Ill in Debrecen

Another week of travelling in HU: On Monday morning I left cloudy rainy Kiel at 15C, jumped onto my plane and met Katja in Budapest (Side remark: Sunny 28C :-)). This looked like a promising week…until few hours later. The air conditioning in the office seem to have killed me. Since then I am struggling with a bad cold and fever. Nonetheless we had some good meetings in Budapest and moved onwards to Debrecen to have another series of meetings. I have to admit, by now, I really like the “big village” of Debrecen. They have beautiful restaurants, an interesting mix between hungarian provence and international students being around. 

And I finally found a nice small and familiar place to stay in: Centrum Panzio! Compared to 5* Hotel Divinus which I used to stay in, this one gives much more value for much better price. It’s of course not some fancy, modern-lounge-style hotel like the Divinus but feels more like living in Debrecen. You have your own garden, a small apartment with its own veranda plus all that is needed to survive a few days (minibar, kitchenette, microwave, hotspot, etc). Really like it and will make it my preferred place to stay when back in Debrecen!

Short business trip to Debrecen

This week I had to go to Debrecen for a rather short (2 days only) business trip. Fortunately we had quite some good weather down there and it was really fun seeing the people that I have worked with in past three months in real life. Actually this was our "Thank you" meeting for the Linux team as for all the stress we have been going through back in March/April. Bas and I flew on Tuesday to Budapest and took the shuttle from the airport to Debrecen - honestly, I think, I will never take the shuttle again ;-). The driver first went to Budapest city to pick up two other colleagues, which resulted in final arrival at our hotel in Debrecen almost 4 hours later. So, here are some impressions (Thanks to Thomas who made the photographs):

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