Ill in Debrecen

Another week of travelling in HU: On Monday morning I left cloudy rainy Kiel at 15C, jumped onto my plane and met Katja in Budapest (Side remark: Sunny 28C :-)). This looked like a promising week…until few hours later. The air conditioning in the office seem to have killed me. Since then I am struggling with a bad cold and fever. Nonetheless we had some good meetings in Budapest and moved onwards to Debrecen to have another series of meetings. I have to admit, by now, I really like the “big village” of Debrecen. They have beautiful restaurants, an interesting mix between hungarian provence and international students being around. 

And I finally found a nice small and familiar place to stay in: Centrum Panzio! Compared to 5* Hotel Divinus which I used to stay in, this one gives much more value for much better price. It’s of course not some fancy, modern-lounge-style hotel like the Divinus but feels more like living in Debrecen. You have your own garden, a small apartment with its own veranda plus all that is needed to survive a few days (minibar, kitchenette, microwave, hotspot, etc). Really like it and will make it my preferred place to stay when back in Debrecen!