Finally made it: Although my holiday started officially last Wednesday, we were still facing some open topics which needed to be solved. As always. But does not matter anymore, critical stuff is done - way to go, yeah! So, time to organize some presents...which is most likely even more stress on last days compared to any working issue I had in past 3 months :-)

Day 3 on Cabot Trail: South Harbour – Pleasant Bay

xx,xxkm distance, Altitude difference 460m, Duration x:xxh (incl. stops)

Biking003 [gpxelevation=hide]

Just leave this place and get coffee in cape north, breakfast after first small climb, then north mountain ahead, 13%, 7km, 457m, last 1km really bad, pain, real pain,

then downhill almost 10km nice ride but now knowing what good brakes are for, beautiful, some hiking as break, finally in pleasant bay, went to whale interpretative center

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Brazil...Rio de Janeiro...*damn* i love it...

Since I haven't been on holidays for quite a while and Levka finally started her first "real" job with regular income, we thought we need to spend this money ;-) and decided to really go on holidays. After struggling a bit with possible timeframes (BTW: I hate official school holidays...), we finally booked a kind of a roundtrip to Brasil - at least fixed destinations and pre-booked flights. So, starting in Salvador de Bahia we travelled over to Iguacu to stay some days in Rio de Janeiro and finally have one last week at the beach in Praio do Forte:

I wanna work at TS Brazil...

Last two day of our holiday, staying in the Iberostar Praio do Forte in Brazil and guess what happens? Yeah, a conference about latest IT trends is being held in our hotel. And it is even getting better: In the entry hall of the hotel a huge sign shows the conference program and conference sponsors...amongst IBM, HP also T-Systems. Yeah, that's a way of preparing for home. In the morning as well as in the evening I have to cross the T-Systems logo. But at least I learned that working at T-Systems Brazil can be somehow different compared to Germany.

The picture above was taken approximately at lunch time, 28 degrees Celsius...that's a "Mittagspause" as I would like to have it (notice the magenta T-Systems bag she is carrying as well as the other guy lying around there - both T-Systems employees ;-)).