Kilimanjaro via Machame route...

Juli and I made it again! Without having seen any mountain before (ok, I did climb up to 150m on famous Bungsberg in SH when I was a child ;-)) we did successfully reach Uhuru Peak - the highest point in Africa at 5.895m.

Decision for particular route

We actually started out in Tanzania without having agreed which route we wanna go. I was aware of several different routes but since I did not have any experience my only pre-requisites were:

  • route needs to provide chance to properly acclimatize,
  • route needs to be possible w/o extensive climbing experience.

Juliane was in favor of Shira/Lemosho route; I considered Machame route - both with a minimum of a 6-day hike in order to acclimatize and both routes not being #1 route chosen by everybody (which is Marangu aka Coca-Cola-Route).

Not telling yet that the rangers also sold Coca-Cola for 4$ each at Barafu camp ;-)...

In the end there was no discussion since we met two french guys in our hotel: Jean-Christophe and Damien already had decided & booked a tour with Tanzania Summit Adventures for 6-day Machame route hike. So, we simply jumped in, made a quick decision and joined them - and it was best that could have happened to us!