Off to Zanzibar

Starting last part of our trip: Going east... Finally we left our second home in Arusha with first bus in the morning (starting at 6:00 am *argh*) and headed east to Zanzibar. Since everything seemed to be somehow related to Mt Kilimanjaro, we decided to take the Kilimanjaro Express although Dar Express goes at similar schedule and same price which was 30.000 TSH.

Whole trip took about 10h for us from Arusha via Moshi to Dar with half an hour of break in between...not counting 1.5h unplanned stop right after having lunch where our bus driver had to repair the brakes *hehe*. Actually we hoped for last ferry to Zanzibar around 16:00 but this was out of sight after last stop.

Thanks to Alexia we already had a B&B recommendation in Dar es Salaam, the Jambo Inn Hotel which was reasonable, in direct walking distance to the ferry landing, has a restaurant and most imortant had a free room.